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"Not unless we’re around. And I joined up with the avengers. But I dunno.. i’m not sure I bleong here. These guys seem awfully serious, nothing like x-factor.

"Well the Avengers are a pretty serious team. They’re like the Justice League, you know? But hey if you’re not happy there you’re always welcome with the X-Men."

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Kitty Pryde and Rachel Grey in All New Doop


Kitty Pryde

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    || Oh yes, the Kitty was kind.
               (And forgiving, if she even missed Rocket’s antics… )

    The stiff line of Groot’s wooden shoulders eased, rustling comfortably as he relaxed in Shadowcat’s presence. A friend was a gift, and no better pleasure to be found than their company. Charmed, the Colossus returned the Earther’s gesture of friendship in kind; his long, sapling fingers uncurling so he could pat Pryde’s shoulder with the weathered flat of his palm.

    Groot’s touch spoke volumes of instilled gentleness and the ever-present awareness a large creature bears around those smaller than him. He lifted his hand-limb away and instead rumbled an inquiring tone, curious as to the Mutant’s presence. Was it possible their home was once again threatened, after everything the Guardians had done? ||

            “…I am… Groot?”

As the clearly gentle giant relaxed Kitty’s uncertainty faded, a true smile shinning through. If she kept hanging around this guardian she’d be tempted to run off to space with them. God knows she could probably use a vacation with how tired she has been lately. But, as always, the students come first.

Kitty’s eyes widened slightly as she slowly figured out what he was asking. A quick shake of her head coupled with a small laugh to put him at ease. He truly was something else entirely. it occurred to her briefly that he’d probably get a huge kick out of Krakoa.

"We’re all fine, no more attacks and threats than usual, promise. We’re used to the challenges of Earth life."

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|| Groot blinks his eyesockets and tips his ridged head, gazed turned amiably down towards the X-Man.
                                 The Leader, Groot thinks; 
                                           (though Earthen Social Hierarchy can be
                                            terribly hard to interpret sometimes,
                                            what with there being no shedding of leaves
                                                                                                or swaying of limbs…) 

   He recalls her name (Kitty), the feel of her kindness (warm), and the look on Peter’s face…

                Creaking a low sound of welcome, the Colossus quirked his bark-hardened mouth into a smile ||

                                                 ”I am Groot…”

Kitty smiled, earnest but slightly uncomfortable. She still couldn’t quite grasp the different meanings of the giant’s singular phrase, but she was trying. At the very least she could recognize a smile when she saw one.

"I hope that means good. I missed you all, even Rocket. Earth is a bit dull without a team of aliens spontaneously dropping in to help." Her tone, teasing and friendly, was coupled with a gentle pat of arm. She really did like the big guy, even if she feared insulting him with her inability to fully understand him.

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Groot! Uh, how have you been?



Yeah, but a funny, not to mention adorable one.

So… we’re totally bailing this movie for a ‘quiet’ night in back at my place, right?

Someone has a big ego. Want me to tell you how charming you are too?

Nope. Not even a chance. We’re seeing this movie plan through.

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"Nope.. while I wuz gone the team fell apart due to bein scattred to the winds and while Jamie’s like the brother I never had, i’d tear my brain out after a week in kansas"

"Understandable. Does anything actually happen in Kansas? So then what’s going on in your life?"

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