Wolverine: We need to go underground

Kitty Pride: One step ahead of you

Legendary Star-Lord #3

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Crystal! How’ve you been?


  Glad nothing’s changed.

[With a wide grin, she took in a deep breath, holding it for a moment before slowly releasing it.]

                Think you can fit me in your suitcase? I’ve needed a vacation for nearly a decade.

-She laughs and shakes her head- My suitcase will be full of fabulous vacation clothes, but I’d definitely grab you a ticket if I actually ran off on vacation, promise.


"Great, awesome Kitty, never been better." If she had seen the news at all in the past few weeks she’d know he was lying through his teeth. If she noticed him looking away from her or flicking at his ear that’d probably make it even more obvious. He was a terrible liar.

"But how about you? How’re things, how’s life?" 

"Well we both know that’s not true, but I’ll let you have this one." She smiled easily at him and gave him a playful nudge. It had definitely been too long since she last saw him and Kitty didn’t want to make catching up hard for him.

"Things are okay, I’m overworked but that’s nothing new. Considering running away on vacation but that’s mostly a pipe dream."

Uncanny X-Men #25 (2014)


Chicago Night Extravaganza by Matias Negrete Pincetic on Flickr.

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Hey Johnny, been a while. How are you?


Just to say hullo, Pryde.

Forgive me for finding that hard to believe.


Hey! Been a long time.

[Her mouth twisted into a smirk, hands resting casually at her sides.]

Been better, been worse. How are you?

-Kitty flashes an easy smile but sighs.- 

Oh you know, probably over worked but fine otherwise. I’ve decided it’s time for a vacation, I just need to actually make time for it.