Deeeeeep diiiiiiiiiiish~ I'm d'ghost o' religiously neutral holidays past~

You’re ridiculous, Remy. Something you needed?

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Hey Rhodey, been a while.

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Bobbi! How’ve you been?

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Well my first guess is that you’re Ben.

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Great. Do you need something, Wisdom?

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Kitty Pryde and Lockheed by Philip Moy

Prints available at Wizard World Chicago

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Rocket! How is my favorite guardian? …Don’t tell Peter I said that.

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" I think we are all used to going through silly things like that. Comes with the job right? One minute you are fighting some bank robbers, the next some old guy is in your body doing everything you did but better? "


" I have my own company now though apparently. Parker Industries.  My dream come true, only thing is that I didn’t do it. Doc Ock did. In my body. How am I suppose to balance that, along with trying to be Spider-Man? ” He sighed some.  ” Nice to hear that you are doing well though, even if you are overworked. “

"Unfortunately. But hey, if you’re lucky yours won’t have any lasting effects. And don’t be silly, no one is better at being you than you. Rachel was involved in some sort of team up with spider-ock, she said he was a complete jerk."

"Hey don’t think that way. If anyone can keep this whole thing going it’s you. I think out of everyone we know you’re the best at keeping a real life outside of the superhero stuff. You’re impressive." She gave him an encouraging smile and sighed. "I’m considering taking a vacation. A week somewhere without any surprise explosions."


Kitty Pls.


" You started it by calling me Parker, Kitty. "


" How are you doing though? Well, I hope? It’s been awhile… I think. Sorta just happened to get my body back after having Doc Ock take control over it for a year. "

"True. But not mister Parker. I didn’t go and make you feel old.”

"I heard rumors of that. Sounds… Unpleasant. I wouldn’t wish losing control of your body on anyone, I’m sorry you had to go through it. I’ve been alright, overworked as always but I’m beginning to realize that’s just a constant state for teachers. How about you, other than the whole back in your body business, I mean."