Kitty Pryde and Lockheed by Randy Bishop

"You seem very cool. Call me. Just to whine about the universe."



Isn’t the fact that you’re here, agreeing to go on a movie date with me, proof enough of that?

[He groaned.] Fine. You win. But if the movie sucks, we’re totally bailing. Agreed?

Actually you’ll find that because I’m the one asking, you’d be the one agreeing to go.

-She smiles, letting out a small cheer.- Agreed, but I promise you’ll like this plan.

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peterparkerluck started following you

-She smiles brightly.- Parker.

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All-New X-Men #18

"It’s nice that we get to hang out again".


Pink Sky at Night … by rjseg1 on Flickr.



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"Not unless we’re around. And I joined up with the avengers. But I dunno.. i’m not sure I bleong here. These guys seem awfully serious, nothing like x-factor.

"Well the Avengers are a pretty serious team. They’re like the Justice League, you know? But hey if you’re not happy there you’re always welcome with the X-Men."

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Kitty Pryde and Rachel Grey in All New Doop


Kitty Pryde

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